Roled is a young company with Portuguese roots, created at the beginning of 2023. Its founder, Sérgio Rolo and his certified team, coming from Macau-China , now bring to Portugal , through Roled , their vast technical knowledge and contacts established over the years with a wide range of audiovisual equipment manufacturers, particularly in the area of ​​LED screens.

In Macau , this experienced team through StageBox Show , also founded by Sérgio Rolo, has been working with important clients in this Special Administrative Region of China, since 2017 where it has gained an important position in the market due to its commitment and professionalism. Really creating your brand.


StageBox Show is a registered trademark in Macau-China and Portugal .

StageBox has been developing its products together with several factories in China over the years.

Strict quality control is carried out in
local by its specialized technicians from Macau-China , whether
during the manufacturing process, or before your products leave the factory.

Reception and follow-up in Portugal is carried out with the same speed by Roled .

Therefore, Roled invests in a brand and company with vast technical knowledge and
scientific in the area of ​​spectacle and entertainment.


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